Vibratory Finishing Machines

We are one of the leading manufacturers and suppliers of vibratory finishing machines in India. Vibratory finishing machines are suitable for edge cutting, polishing, de-burring, surface improvement, descaling etc. We provide good quality and low cost vibratory machines to our customers. We can manufacture the vibratory machines that are suitable for all types of metal finishing. We supply our products to all over India. We can also manufacture high range capacity vibratory machines to suit the high volume components capacity. We also manufacture tub type vibratory machines which are suitable for finishing of large volume components. Surface Innovation is also engaged in manufacturing of vibratory separators, rotary dryers etc. Our vibratory finishing machines are used in industries such as precision metal components, engineering, automobile, aerospace, jewellery, medical etc. We have supplied our vibratory machines all over India including Bangalore, Delhi, Mumbai, Coimbatore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Ahmedabad, Kolkata etc. We are one of the major vibratory finishing machine manufacturers in India.

Vibratory finishing machines play the vital role in metal finishing in all most all types of industries. Surface Innovation is one of the leading manufacturers of vibratory machines in Bangalore, India. Vibratory finishing machines can be used for the array of applications like finishing, smoothing, burnishing, polishing, edge cutting, fine mark removing, rust removing, edge radiusing, pre plating finish, degreasing etc. Being one among the very few vibratory finishing machine manufacturers, we have carved a niche for ourselves in the the vibratory finishing market.

Our machines are used for varieties of industrial applications like finishing of aerospace components, jewellery finishing, metal parts finishing, aluminium die casting, sheet metal industries, automobile component making industries etc. We also supply vibratory finishing medias of these machines. Our machines are highly durable and needs minimum maintenance. We manufacture SIN Series, SIM series machines, Vibratory Separators and tub type machines. These are suitable to small, medium and large-scale metal finishing. At our manufacturing process, we take stringent quality measurements for our machines. We supply the vibratory machines with different processing capacity and dimension. With capacity to supply the equipment all over the country we are one of the preferred supplier of vibro machines in India.

Vibratory Finishing Machines (SIN Series)

  • Surface Innovation offers Bowl type Vibratory finishing machines in two basic (SIM & SIN) series up to for standard sizes to meet unique applications of different customers.
  • SIN series have an additional advantage of automatically unloading of components after process by pneumatically operated separation system.

Optional Accessories:

  • Manually / pneumatically operated sound deading lid.
  • Dosing pump for water and chemical feeding to the system.
  • AC variable frequency drive for speed control.

Models SIN-100 SIN-200 SIN-300 SIN-600
Capacity(Ltrs) 100 200 300 600
Power Consumption(HP) 2.00 3.00 5.00 8.00
Total Weight(kg) 310 440 540 970
Width(mm) 750 1025 1250 1510
Height(mm) 925 950 950 1220

Vibratory Finishing Machines (SIM Series)

Basic Features

  • Heavy duty flang mounted imported vibratory motor.
  • Hot poured Polyurethane lining with 16-20 average thickness with hardness of 75-80 Shore A for long life.
  • Solid framed and stressed relived bowl with high quality fabrications prevents cracking of bowl from the consistent vibratory action for long duration.
  • Reputed make Electrical Switchgear items are provided in the control panel.
  • Machine located on Anti-vibration pads, so that the vibration force will not transferred to the ground.
Models SIM-100 SIM-200 SIM-300 SIM-600
Capacity(Ltrs) 100 200 300 600
Power Consumption(HP) 2.00 3.00 5.00 8.00
Total Weight(kg) 310 440 540 970
Width(mm) 750 1025 1250 1510
Height(mm) 925 950 950 1220

Tub Type Vibratory Finishing Machines

Surface Innovation has vast experience in manufacturing tub type vibratory machines. We are one of the prominent vibratory finishing machine manufacturers and suppliers in India.

  • The tub type Machines are specially designed for large components with long or odd in shape and size.
  • The tub type Machines are available in different standard size and it can be separate components for high precision components.

Models SITU 100 SITU 200 SITU 300 SITU 400 SITU 500
Capacity(Ltrs) 100 200 300 400 500
Power Consumption(HP) 2 4 5 6 8
Total Weight(kg) 325 440 570 690 850
Length (mm) 600 830 1228 1680 1000
Width(mm) 400 400 480 480 800
Height(mm) 450 450 570 570 680

Vibratory Separators

  • This equipments is specially designed to separate components from ceramic media after finishing process
  • Perforated screen is provided on the top of the separating chamber, so that components comes out in one side, where as ceramic media in another side
  • Heavy duty vibratory motors are provided to give vibratory motion with linear action