Aluminium Oxide Blasting

Aluminum oxide is a popular abrasive for etching and finishing. There are other types of materials that are also used for this purpose, but aluminum oxide has certain properties that make it a better option than other materials.

Below you'll find a quick guide on aluminum oxide. We hope this will help you decide if aluminum oxide is the right material for your needs.


Due to its aggressive nature Aluminum Oxide is a common blasting media used on metal, glass, wood and other materials. Its versatility and strength make it a favorite among professionals throughout the industry.

Aluminum oxide is ground down to different grains, like sandpaper. You can use it for several different applications, and it can even be recycled. You can keep using it until it begins to break down. The rate of how quickly the aluminum oxide degrades depends on the type of material you're blasting, and the pressure at which you are blasting.

It also has great strength and durability. You can use it on a variety of different metals, including titanium and stainless steel, as well as other items. Aluminum oxide has a great shelf life, too, so if you buy it in bulk and don't use it all right away, it will be ready when you need it.

In addition to these other benefits, aluminum oxide comes at a lower cost than other products like it. It will fit into any industrial budget so you can finish the projects you need to do.


You can use aluminum oxide for a variety of different applications. This media is ideal for the following purposes:

Abrasive Blasting surface preparation & paint stripping
Etching to ensure a coatings adhesion & performance
Refractory Coating
Whether you are planning a wet or dry blasting process, you can use aluminum oxide.

Aluminum oxide is the ideal choice to successfully impart an anchor pattern and deep etch for excellent adhesion of coatings and paint.

It is also an excellent choice for stripping and removing: rust, mill scale, failing paint, and contaminants from the surface of a substrate.


Fused Brown Aluminum Oxide has several unique properties that make it a great choice over other materials.

Aluminum Oxide is a low-iron content abrasive which will not leave any rust on the surface of your part. Rust deposits can often cause problems in subsequent future processes.

Aluminum Oxide is also a cost effective blasting abrasive due to the fact that it can be recycled and reclaimed for multiple passes in a blasting process.

Aluminum Oxide is a harder abrasive than most, resulting in less shatter of the particles which results in lower dust levels.

If you a large user, generating significant amounts of spent abrasive, it can also be recycled back to the manufacturer for re-purposing thereby reducing disposal costs.


Our aluminum oxide abrasive makes an excellent material for a variety of industrial applications. You will find an excellent selection of different sizes, giving you the ability to pick the right one for the job at hand. Contact us today!


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