Media and Compounds

Surface Innovation is one of the renowned manufacturers and suppliers of various types of media such as plastic media, chemical compound, corn-cob, porcelain media, degreaser and ceramic media for deburring. These are used in vibratory machines for vibratory finishing works. Our ceramic media for deburring conforms to industry norms and standards. We supply these media all over India including Bangalore, Hosur, Mumbai, Delhi, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Ahmedabad, Kolkata, Coimbatore etc. Quality products and unparalleled customer service are the hallmark of our company.

We are also one of the very few manufacturers of distinct types of media such as plastic tumbling media, porcelain media for polishing, barreling media, mass finishing media and polishing media for vibratory tumbler. The plastic tumbling media generally recommended for metal removal and polishing; which can create a better surface finishes and are not as aggressive as ceramics. The barreling media (also known as barrel tumbling media) are of two types; wet tumbling and dry tumbling, and it works by tumbling parts in a rotating barrel to improve the surface finish. Mass finishing media is recommended for surface finishing in bulk quantities. Porcelain polishing media is suitable for high degree of polish and low attrition. We are also one of the very few deburring stone suppliers in India.

Surface Innovation is one of the prominent ceramic tumbling media suppliers in India. We provide tumbling media in array of grade, size and shapes. The available shapes of tumbling medias are Triangular, Cylindrical, Spherical, Elliptical etc. Each one is having its own surface finishing features and are suitable for specific applications. We can supply these media in small to large scale quantities across India. Our material is quality checked and conform to industry standards.

Ceramic Media, Plastic Media, Porcelain Media, Corn-Cob, Degreaser, Chemical Compound

  • Then entire Vibratory Finishing process depends on the proper selection of media and chemical compounds
  • There are many types of media's are used in this process such as ceramic, Plastic, Porcelin, Corn-cob, Steel Balls and Wallnut Shell.
  • The Chemical Compounds also having major part in this process, for different materials different chemicals are used.
  • Sizes Available from 3 mm to 40 mm with different shapes like cylinder, triangle, sphere

Ceramic Media for Deburring

Ceramic Media is one of the media compounds used for deburring of metal surafces. Ceramic Media offers high degree of surface finish in metal surfaces. Ceramic media is generally used for polishing, light and heavy deburring. The main advantage of ceramic media is; it is durable, cost-effective and used for many applications like cleaning, edge breaking and creating a consistent surface finish. Surface Innovation is one of the major companies indulging in manufacturing and supplying of ceramic media for deburring in Bangalore. Contact us for ceramic media for your metal deburring needs.

Deburring ceramic media is supplied by very few companies in India. Surface Innovation is one such company. We have been in the business of surface finishing since the year 2010 and garnered clients across India. Our quality materials, timely delivery and prompt customer support has made us leader in surface finishing industry. Ceramic media for deburring has made the finishing simpler and hassle free in many of the industries. Ceramic media is preferred over other medias due to many advantages it offers.